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In 2015, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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"JUMP is not a place, but an action..."

JUMP is not a place, but rather an action where the community challenges of poverty are identified and confronted head on every day.  Beginning with the first client interview when we ask “Is there anything else you wish to tell us”, the response might range from “my hours got cut and summer vacation is hard – it costs more to feed the kids” to “I could use new socks and foot powder.  I’m really concerned about my feet”, or “I camp outdoors year round.  I use adhesive shoe glue to repair my tent, sleeping bag, clothes and shoes but each tube costs $6.00”.  We’ve also heard “I’m basically homeless by choice since I left my abusive relationship” and “I moved here from Iraq four years ago.  My husband can’t work because of his heart and diabetes.”  

No, JUMP is not a place, but rather a blessing.  It has become a call to action where staff, volunteers and working partners discover and share many talents in open dialogue.  We engage in purposeful conversation as we move beyond the gulf of our own social and economic differences to help neighbors affected by mental or physical illness, homelessness or substandard housing, recent incarceration, domestic violence, single parenthood, substance abuse, unemployment or low wages.  Ultimately, JUMP is a call to action to respond to unconditional united need presented by POVERTY.          

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