Creating Caring Community

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FALL is here!

There are many ways to support JUMP; Volunteer… “All you need is an open heart and listening ear to be a JUMP volunteer. Everything else can be learned.” Or make a contribution...TODAY!

If you'd like to support the important work that JUMP does for approximately 3000 individuals and families a year, please consider making a one time or reoccurring tax-deductible donation.

A Message from the Board President: 

Beth Dreibelbis

When I was a girl I sometimes complained of leg pains and my mother told me I had “growing pains”…perhaps she was right, but the real message she was giving me was that in life we change and grow and sometimes growing can  be uncomfortable – but you must grow and become strong.


JUMP has spent the last year with some  growing pains but grow we must.  We have integrated our new Managing Director position, new board formation, and new committees into our mission, worked through changes, finances, and much more.  We have kept focus on our mission – to help others, and we have succeeded in our transition to  a new JUMP.


We will be continuing to change, to grow, and most importantly to serve those who need us in our community. That will always be our focus.  With help from our faith communities, individual sponsors, and local businesses we will serve in all the ways we can.  I hope you will join us as JUMP continues to serve our neighbors in need as we work to  create a caring community.


Congratulations to the top male and female runners for the Run for JUMP - Wondu Summa and Suzy Garritty.

To learn more about the Run for JUMP results or make a donation,  

please click here: 

(Walk or Run for JUMP web page)


Hoehl Family Foundation


Alleluia Fund through Stirrings of the

Spirit grant and McClure grant;

awarded by The Episcopal Diocese of Vermont


Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg Interfaith Projects


The Robert Fleming &

Jane Howe Patrick Foundation


“Your grants will make a difference in the

 lives of our most vulnerable neighbors. Without question, they will be far reaching 

in the coming months. Thank you for your generous support!!!”

--Wanda Hines; Director