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In 2020, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

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Managing Director - Wanda Hines

As the pandemic entered a third year, in July 2021 JUMP moved to a hybrid FLEX voucher assistance plan, combining an in-person direct service option along with on-going remote/online services. JUMP’s goal was to create a safe environment for staff, volunteers, and clients.

The FLEX voucher assistance provided families and individuals with food as well as helped them to keep utility power on, while maintaining their credit rating and independence. Transportation assistance helped individuals become more self-reliant by finding and maintaining employment, as well to get to school and to increase skills and employment opportunities, and to get to childcare and medical care. Thrift shop vouchers helped provide needed clothing or other essential household items. In addition, JUMP volunteers reached out to registered clients including the elderly and homebound as part of JUMP’s Quarterly Care Call (QCC) Program, to serve as a caring point of contact and to also proactively identify where food or other needs may exist. 

As a front-line organization, adjusting goals in times of uncertainty can be confounding. Despite this uncertainty, measurable goals provide stability when flexible and communicated transparently. They inspire with a profound purpose which increases effectiveness to help neighbors in need in the community.

In the same spirit, please see a JUMP priority stabilizing 2022 goal:

  • Organize Board of Directors Retreat to develop five-year strategic plan that aligns JUMP’s mission and captures and preserves additional intellectual capital from long time Board Members

It is our hope, even though JUMP has resumed access to the Drop-In Center in-person visits, that we also sustain the FLEX Assistance Program which now reaches additional individuals in need.  Between both service methods, vouchers would be available every three months for either $35 vouchers for groceries, $50 for utility assistance, or $35 in gasoline cards plus laundry and thrift store vouchers if needed.

  • BY THE STATS-- Despite the Covid pandemic impact, JUMP remained a dependable reliable resource for neighbors in search of essential basic needs.  We provided voucher assistance to families and individuals from 4 Vermont Counties, representing 18 towns. Clients requested 4110 vouchers valued at $110,915.  Top requested vouchers included Food security relief vouchers 58% valued at $55,955 and Utility Assistance 26% valued $25,760.

JUMP anticipated program challenges and adapted swiftly, with expanded access to hybrid FLEX assistance support--five ways. Clients can now access needed JUMP services via; FLEX Online application 24hrs/7days a week, FLEX Mail-In application, call JUMP for FLEX application by mail, in-person FLEX walk-in Thursdays or receive a scheduled Quarterly Care Call (QCC) every three months from staff and volunteers.  


With shared perseverance and commitment to mission, “thank you” to the supporting 28 area faith communities, local agencies and businesses, individual donors, foundations, Towns of Shelburne and Essex Junction as well as Board of Directors, Committee members, Volunteers and Staff for your unwavering dedication to JUMP’s mission.

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