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In 2020, JUMP will continue to explore community initiative’s which support shared effort and resources to reach out and meet families where they are at.

If you'd like to support the important work that JUMP does for approximately 2200 householdss a year, please consider making a one time or reoccurring tax-deductible donation.

The JUMP Drop-In Center offers hospitality, direct assistance with utilities, food, laundromat, vouchers to area thrift stores, toiletries, referrals and more. JUMP can assist up to 20 households/individuals on Thursday and on Friday mornings. 


You are eligible for assistance if this is your first visit to JUMP - or - if it is has been 3 months since you received JUMP assistance. Please bring your ID. If you need utility assistance, please bring a copy of your bill.  

Not eligible for assistance but have a question, need a referral, or want a cup of coffee or tea and a healthy snack?  Come see us at JUMP any Thursday or Friday morning!   

JUMP's Staff: Shannon Lemley-Willis, JUMP's newly hired Manager of Outreach Services, and our great crew of volunteers will greet and assist you at JUMP. Most days you will also have a chance to chat with JUMP's Director of Outreach and Development, Matt Van Wagner.  JUMP staff and volunteers want to hear from you as we seek to respond to needs in the community effectively and thoughtfully.  

April 2024 Update from the JUMP Board President

What a year it’s been! Last spring we gathered to honor and thank long-term staff who served JUMP and the community well. Our Board took action, moving from a largely pandemic service model (online and on the phone) to reopening the in-person JUMP Outreach Center; recruiting additional volunteers; hiring staff, and most importantly, responding to needs as public benefits were reduced, inflation was up, and homelessness was increasing in our region.


A year later, we are grateful for interim staff, Gary O’Gorman, Helen Head and Bill Neil who worked with us to reopen the Outreach Center. We are thrilled to introduce new staff Matt Van Wagner and Shannon Lemley-Willis to you. We are thankful for a growing, strong crew of volunteers and that the Outreach Center is open with plentiful hospitality.


Most importantly, financial support for JUMP has allowed us to increase the number of households we assist and the resources JUMP provides. We are asking you to support JUMP so we can continue to “do more for more people.” Thank you for supporting JUMP’s much needed community mission.

With gratitude,

Anne Tewksbury-Frye

JUMP Board President

The 2024 Spring Campaign for JUMP: Let’s Do More to Help More People.
Matt Van Wagner, Director, Outreach & Development

I joined the JUMP staff a few months ago and continue to be impressed with all that we are doing together.  

We make a difference for our neighbors in need - providing warm hospitality and direct, immediate, practical assistance at our Outreach Center. Last year, JUMP assisted nearly 3,000 residents in need from 24 towns and cities representing 8 Vermont counties! 

Our neighbors include families with children of all ages; single adults, senior citizens, families and single adults without housing, or at risk of losing their housing; adults with disabilities, newly arriving refugees and new Americans. 


We show hospitality and we provide vouchers for food, clothing, utilities, laundry services and personal care items. 

And still, a growing number of our Vermont neighbors struggle daily with the realities of strained budgets, the challenge of staying housed and the devastation of homelessness. 

I see it. You see it. We all see it.  We can and must do more. 

JUMP’s 2024 plans boil down simply to this:  

Let’s Do More to Help More People.


These plans are well underway and we need your help to make it happen: 

  • We've increased food voucher assistance from $35 to $50 and utilities assistance from $50 to $75.

  • We've increased the # of households we serve each week and hired two-part time staff to support Outreach Center services.

  • We will add transportation assistance (bus passes, gas cards) when Green Mountain Transit resumes charging fares in May.

Nearly every person who comes to the JUMP Outreach Center tells us how grateful they are for JUMP.  With your help, we can do more for more people! 


We are grateful for all who supported JUMP in 2023:

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