"Responding to the need that is out there"

No walk-ins due to Covid-19. 

Services available using FLEX online application, FLEX mail in application or 

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors - 2020

Ron Pynn                        President/Board Development; College Street Congregational

Katharine Stockman        Vice President; Charlotte Congregational Church          

Woody Fulton                  Treasurer / Finance Chair; Unitarian Universalist         

Anne Tewksbury-Frye      Secretary; First Congregational Church, Burl.

Barry Lemey                   Member at Large; Ascension Lutheran Church

Nancy Wright                  Member at Large; Ascension Lutheran Church

Leigh Goodrich                Member at Large; Faith United Methodist

Gayle Bryant                   Member at Large; First United Methodist Church Burl.

Sherry Star                     Member at Large; Ohavi Zedek Synagogue

Ted Kenney                    Member at Large; Williston Federated Church

Ellen Sklar                     Member at Large; Ohavi Zedek Synagogue

Kathleen Browne            Member ar Large; First Baptist Church



JUMP Committees - 2020


Board Development

Katharine Stockman - Vice President

Ron Pynn; President



Chair, Woody Fulton

Ron Pynn

Wanda Hines; Director



Ron Pynn; President

Margaret Welch

Lucy Samara

Karen Grant

Wanda Hines, Director



Leigh Goodrich

Wanda Hines, Director



Bronwyn Rider, Chair

Valerie Visconti 

Bill Eddy

Wanda Hines; Director


Human Resources

Ron Pynn; President

Katharine Stockman

Francis Foster

Wanda Hines; Director 



JUMP Volunteers celebrating over 30 year of "Creating Caring Communities."