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Board of Directors

Board of Directors - 2020

Ron Pynn                        President/Board Development; College Street Congregational

Beth Dreibelbis                VP President/Board Development; Ascension Lutheran           

Woody Fulton                  Treasurer / Finance Chair; Unitarian Universalist         

Anne Tewksbury-Frye      Secretary; First Congregational Church, Burl.

Barry Lemey                   Member at Large; Ascension Lutheran Church

Nancy Wright                  Member at Large; Ascension Lutheran Church

Leigh Goodrich                Member at Large; Faith United Methodist

Gayle Bryant                   Member at Large; First United Methodist Church Burl.

Sherry Star                     Member at Large; Ohavi Zedek Synagogue

Katharine Stockman        Member at Large; Charlotte Congregational Church

Ted Kenney                    Member at Large; Williston Federated Church

Ellen Sklar                     Member at Large; Ohavi Zedek Synagogue

Kathleen Browne            Member ar Large; First Baptist Church



JUMP Committees - 2020


Board Development

Beth Dreibelbis, Chair - Vice President

Ron Pynn; President



Chair, Woody Fulton

Ron Pynn

Wanda Hines; Director



Beth Dreibelbis, Chair - Vice President

Ron Pynn; President

Margaret Welch

Lucy Samara

Karen Grant

Wanda Hines, Director



Leigh Goodrich

Wanda Hines, Director



Bronwyn Rider, Chair

Valerie Visconti 

Bill Eddy

Wanda Hines; Director


Human Resources

Chair, Doug Dreibelbis

Ron Pynn; President

Francis Foster

Wanda Hines; Director 



Wanda Hines; Director

Wanda was hired by JUMP in February of 2013.  In her capacity as Director, Wanda supervises both staff and volunteers, and monitors grant, budget and fundraising activities.  She works closely with the Board and its various committees, and strives to build and maintain healthy and necessary relationships with faith communities, individuals, businesses, and foundations.

Wanda is a recognized leader in the greater Burlington community, having served as Director of the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf from 1995-2007, and Director of the Social Equity Investment Project, a social development resource for the City of Burlington, from 2007-2013.  Raised Baptist and the granddaughter of a Preacher, Wanda has, for 27 years, been a passionate, unwavering advocate and thoughtful leader for positive social change. She holds a B.A. in Public Administration and Community Development.

Mary Stannard Carter; Direct Service/Bookkeeping

A former volunteer, Mary now staffs the JUMP drop-in center. She especially enjoys the interaction with the clients, as well as the fast pace and camaraderie she shares with the volunteers.  She finds the work interesting, enlightening, intimate, and rewarding.


Mary has led a varied life, and has a background in many fields, including farming, music, science and politics.  She believes these experiences provide a variety of contexts from which to understand or solve an issue as well as to find commonality with others.  She is a congregant at The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, where she is active in social outreach and serves as the Junior Warden.


Our organization values volunteer service and strives to provide a rewarding and challenging experience to those who volunteer. Through volunteering you can make a difference in the lives of others as well as your own.


There are THREE key volunteer roles we need filled with JUMP.  As such, we strive to create a match that meets the needs of our program and facilitates a positive volunteer experience.

Present, JUMP Volunteer opportunities include:

·        Drop In Center

·        Board of Directors

·        JUMP Committees: Finance, Fundraising, Human Resources and Operations

JUMP has a thorough screening process for all volunteers once the application is received. Also, we provide regular training and support to our volunteers to ensure they are able to provide the highest quality of compassionate and attentive assistance.

If you are interested in Volunteering, please visit the following below links with necessary information for you to read over as you consider your application as a JUMP Volunteer.

Your application can be emailed to; Jump@jumpvt.org or mailed to; Attn: Volunteer Opportunity, JUMP, 38 So. Winooski Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Jump@jumpvt.org  or call 802 862-4501.



JUMP Volunteers celebrating over 30 year of "Creating Caring Communities."